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Welcome to Mr. Larsen's 8th Grade Social Studies Current Events Wiki


Person posting the current event:

  • The current event you choose must be found online so that your classmates can access it through the wiki.
  • The current event must have occurred on the week you are assigned to post (Friday to Thursday).
  • You must post three discussion questions after your article
  • You must submit a HARDCOPY of article summary and personal reflection. 


-HARDCOPY to be submitted to teacher:

  • Summarize the article
  • Explain how article pertains to social studies
  • Explain why this article was selected

People responding to the current event:

  • You must read all the articles, the summaries and how they relate to our class
  • You must decide on one article each week to comment on
  • You must respond to all three questions by clicking on the comments button


Let's Get Started!! Click on your period number to see your classmates current events.


Some reminders about using our wiki:

  • This is for classroom purposes only
  • All revision to the wiki are able to be viewed by the teacher
  • You can access this anywhere you have internet access




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Jennifer P. said

at 5:22 pm on Sep 15, 2009

1. What do you think are some of the benefits that Chicago would receive from hosting the Olympics?
I think that Chicago would get a lot of return if we hosted the 2016 Olympics. There would be a lot of tourism revenue from the games and also to build the stadiums and such, they need a lot of workers to build and create those stadiums which would provide a lot of jobs in a down economy. Also, the city would probably work on a lot of self-improvement before the games like fixing the potholes and getting rid of the grafiti and cleaning up public transportation and restrooms, so Chicagoans would benefit too. Also, the different cultures and worldwide publicity would promote just how great
Chicago is.

Jennifer P. said

at 5:23 pm on Sep 15, 2009


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